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  • G603 Silver Grey Granite
G603 Silver Grey Granite

G603 Silver Grey Granite

  • 1 - Surface finishing: Polished, honed, flamed, bush-hammered, chiselled, natural split etc.
  • 2 - Packing: Wooden bundles for big slabs, wooden crate for tiles and cut-to-size products.
  • 3 - Application:Paving stone, wall cladding, flooring, steps, window sills, cobbles, curbs, coping, gate post, pool coping, tombstone, countertops etc.
  • Product description: G603 Silver Grey Granite



Surface finishing

Polished,honed,flamed,bush-hammered,chiselled,natural split etc.

Below are some sizes for your reference, we produce complete range of production as per your specific request on size,finishing,drawings etc.

Random slabs

Big slabs: (L) 240cm up x (H) 120cm up,thickness 2cm/2.5cm/3cm etc.

Small slabs: (L) 180-300cm up x (H) 60-90cm up,thickness 1.6cm/1.8cm/2cm/2.5cm/3cm etc.

Steps & risers

Steps: (L) 100-200cm x (W) 30-50cm up,thickness 1.8cm/2cm/3cm etc.

Risers: (L) 100-200cm x (W) 14-17cm up,thickness 1.5cm or 2cm etc.


305*305mm (12’’x12’’),600x300mm(24’’x12’’),450x450mm (18’’x18’’),450x300mm(18’’x12’’),600x600mm(24’’x24’’) etc.,thickness 10mm/12mm/15mm/20mm/30mm etc.


9x9cm,10x10cm,15x15cm etc,thickness 3cm,5cm,9cm,10cm etc.


As per your drawings

Countertops & vanity tops

As per your drawings


Ease edge, half bullnose, full bullnose, bevelled, laminated,ogee, miter etc.


Paving stone,wall cladding stone,steps,window sills,cobbles,cubes,blocks,coping,curbs,gate post,pool coping,flooring,tombstone,countertops etc.; Suitable for patio,terraces, paths, driveway, square,pool surrounds,garden,landscape,home renovation,

Custom orders

You can choose your own sizes, pattern, profile and surface finish


Professional packing suitable for shipping or your specific request.

Delivery time

It takes about 15-20 days for one container normally. If you need urgent,pls feel free to advise before order,we will check if we can meet your request.

Be your professional,responsible and reliable partner! ;)

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